Culinary Guides

Menu for Athletes Marketing Pack

Power Play Your Menu for Athletes program with Powerpoint Presentation, Template Letter to Parents and a Full Icon Pack.

CNP Knife Guide

The intent of this resource is to provide guidance and direction for safe and
appropriate knife selection and technique. The cuts in this resource are based on
classic culinary cuts in combination with cuts used in the USDA’s Food Buying Guide
for Child Nutrition Programs (CNP).

Taste Test Sheets

Taste Test Sheet Pack comes with 2 different Icon Packs in Color or Black & White version.

Affiliate Recipes

Basic American Foods

It’s never been easier to be a school lunch hero with these new kid-friendly recipes and fun-packed theme ideas. Always easy-to-prep, these craveable dishes are developed to add variety to your menu, boost ADP and give students more of the foods they love.

Pacific Northwest Canned Pears

Ripe and ready with the flavor kids crave.

Pacific Northwest canned Bartlett pears are the top choice for quality and convenience for any school.

Butterball Foodservice Recipes

We have solutions to help you succeed in one of the most challenging foodservice segments.

CSI FoodPro

Brenda Thompson-Wattles is a culinary chef and a registered dietitian, who, for the past 12 years, has assisted child nutrition programs all over the country in developing culinary cultures in their kitchens.

Dairy West

Breakfast 2 Week Seasonal Cycle Menus created by Chef Brenda

Dairy West collaborated with Chef Brenda to create a Spring and Winter Breakfast Cycle Menu.


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